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Kefalonia Construction Planning

Planning and Design

Once you have chosen the ideal spot for your home, our extremely reliable team of specialists will proceed with the legal process of purchase and design with you your dream home.

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Kefalonia Construction Support


Building a home can be a very quick and efficient process when an experienced team of experts in construction works for you according to the schedule process.

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Kefalonia Construction Support


Even when the construction of your bespoke home in Kefalonia is complete, you can feel confident that you will always receive the highest levels of personal service for the ongoing maintenance of the villa.  

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Kefalonia Construction Support


We can help you arrange a rental agreement with a tour operator for your villa, when you are not staying in it.



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Unique for You

UNIQUEOur Philosophy

Established in 1994, Unique Group is the leading specialist in designing, constructing, renting and managing luxury villas on the island of Kefalonia.

We are a family run independent business based on the principles of trust, integrity and offering a bespoke service.

We care and believe in the island and its future. To reinforce this idea, we have invested in our own product and created an extensive property portfolio.

In an extremely competitive environment we are constantly exploring ways to improve our services and products. We pride ourselves as providing services and products that are competitive globally. Our history is the best indication for our future success.

We are Unique..."

Dionysios Koumoundos, General Manager of Unique Company

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